Dodge Ram 4 x4 ignites on Highway 3

Dodge Ram 4 x4 ignites on Highway 3

Truck ignites on Highway 3

An aggressive fire destroyed a Dodge Ram on Highway 3A, early Tuesday morning.

Kaleden Fire Chief Darlene Bailey says it was a busy start to the morning yesterday when her team was called to a report of a truck on fire.

The volunteer fire department was called at about 6:40 a.m. for a Dodge Ram on fire on Highway 3A, three kilometres south of the junction with Highway 97.

When crews arrived the truck was fully engulfed.

The fire was an aggressive one, and that combined with freezing temperatures made it difficult to put out.

Crews eventually knocked the fire down as the sun began to rise.

Bailey says the owner of the vehicle was nowhere to be seen and police are currently investigating the blaze.

Penticton RCMP confirm the file is under investigation and that RCMP members have not yet had a chance to go through the burnt-out truck.