Thousands more public service workers told they could lose their jobs

Parks Canada to lose 638 positions as federal budget kicks in


The Public Service Alliance of Canada has confirmed that 3,872 of its members in ten federal departments received notices today saying they could lose their jobs.

The numbers, released April 30,  brings the total number of notices issued to PSAC members since the Federal Budget to 11,957 in 40 federal government departments and agencies.

Parks Canada management issued notices to 1,689 PSAC members today and says 638 positions will be eliminated.  1,404 notices, including 394 surplus notices, went to workers in what are called field units across the country. 211 notices, including 181 surplus notices, went to Service Centre workers. 74 notices, including 63 surplus notices, were handed out to workers in Parks Canada’s National Office.

Workers affected include those at national historic sites, national parks and waterways across the country. These are workers like scientists, engineers, technicians, mechanics, carpenters and program managers. Many help maintain historic artifacts for national historic sites or the eco system integrity of national parks and canals. Many seasonal workers are being told their work seasons and hours of work will be shortened.

Other affected federal departments include, Human Resources, Transport Canada,Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, the  Department of Justice,Statistics Canada,Library and Archives Canada,Correctional Services Canada and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade


– Shelina Merani, PSAC Communications, CNW ZGroup