Theft costs Keremeos man his only means of transport

Theft viewed as too insignificant to call police about, but consequences to victim are profound

Dave Dugas thought the recent theft of his bike didn’t warrant contacting the police, but the consequences of the theft are devastating for him, nonetheless.

“It was the only form of transportation I have,” Dugas, who resides on Second Avenue, explained.

“My house insurance has a $500 deductable on it, so I couldn’t get reimbursed for it even if  I did  report it.”

Dugas has two bad knees, one of which needs to be replaced. He noticed the bike was gone on the morning of Tuesday, October 22.

“The lady across the street said everything happened Saturday night,” Dugas said, reporting that she had suffered some vandalism as well.

Lyn Shiels noticed her shed door ajar on Sunday morning, October 20.

“The shed was closed but not locked,” she said, “ but Sunday morning  the door was wide open.”

Shiels said the only thing amiss was a loaf of garlic bread that had been ripped open.

“It was weird,” she said of the incident, “but it looks like we are going to have to be more careful around here,” adding that she would be locking the shed door from now on.

Shiels also noted that a neighbour down the street found her truck driver’s door open Sunday morning, with nothing else noticed amiss.

“It killed the truck battery. She was pretty sure she’d shut the door the night before,” Shiels said.