Similkameen Farmworkers Campground continues for second season in 2011

The Similkameen Farmworkers Campground Society has convened once again addressing the many facets to implement the campground for 2011 season. There are several changes that will be put into action to improve the way the campground will be managed this year. Here are a few of them.

Firstly we have applied for two summer student jobs from the government which will place someone at the site for a 30 hour work week for each job placement. It is not known if we will receive funding for both positions at this time.

Also, signage will be expanded throughout the community including  at the bus depot, Hilltop Esso, and  laundry mat for those people arriving and wanting to know where the campground is located.

Secondly we have mapped out the six sites at the campground and have given numbers to each site with a garbage barrel and cooking fire pit available at each camp site. There will be no fires outside these designated sites this year.

The $1 donation fee will be deposited in a locked metal box at the entrance just as the provincial parks do. This will be emptied each day by the attendant on duty. We find that people will donate as they wish in this way as opposed to someone trying to find them to collect money.

We are still asking for donations within the community and the many farmer based organizations to help with the project. So far SOOPA, SWA, RDOS area B & G and the Village of Keremeos have committed monies to the campground.

If the campground is to be a continued success we will need enough money to pay for the employees plus an administrator; so far we do not have enough funds to bring this forward. This work is being done on a volunteer basis and at one point it will not be sustainable just on this merit. If anyone should want to help out in this regard please contact Doe Gregoire. We appreciate all those that have given in the past.

At our last meeting it was suggested that the society put forward a request to the community for land for a permanent campground.

The present site is on a flood plain and we are not able to open the campground until the flood waters have receded for safety reasons and that is usually in June. Many workers are here in May and have no place to go when they arrive. They have pitched their tents on the dike and may do so again until the waters recede. This action is not appreciated by the many local people who walk the dike. For this reason we are asking anyone with any land suggestions or who has land available for such a use please contact Doe Gregoire at 499-2952 or leave information at the village office with attention to Similkameen Campground Society.


Similkameen Farmworkers Campground is asking for donations towards the purchase of  four picnic tables. We would like to have a picnic table for each of the six sites at the campground, we already have two. If anyone would like to donate your used one or any donation towards purchasing one please contact Doe Gregoire. Thank you for your support.