Sickle Point in the news again

Kaleden waterfront property comes before RDOS board once again

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Sickle Point and a land use referral along Kaleden’s waterfront was discussed by the regional district board at the December 20 regular board meeting.

The board was asked to make a recommendation to the Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) regarding an application for a License  of Occupation by Sickle Point owner Reum Holdings on a controversial roadway running along the Skaha Lake shoreline from Alder Avenue in Kaleden to Sickle Point.

Area “D” Director Tom Siddon sent the file to his Advisory Planning Committee on December 11. Concerns regarding the application were raised with respect to:

– public access to the nearby Kettle Valley Rail trail corridor.

– potential environmental impacts that may occur through future road improvements.

RDOS staff recommended to the board   that they defer a decision on the subject until the applicant addressed issues surrounding the quality, environmental impact, and ownership  of the road. Staff also proposed that the applicant provide a feasibility analysis for other accesses to the property that may be less sensitive.

The application before the board was to allow access to Sickle Point connecting the northern end of Alder Avenue in Kaleden. The road, which was constructed in 1992 under a temporary permit which has since expired, would provide land access to Sickle Point, which currently does not have legal access.

It was noted in staff’s report that a number of other “ancilliary issues” surrounded the area, cautioning the board to address the referral itself.

Area “D” Director Tom Siddon immediately excused himself from discussions, citing a wish “not to affect the outcome of this procedure.” Oliver rural Director Allan Patton immediately called for an alternative motion to have the road removed and shoreline property where the road existed be returned to its natural state.

“There was never permission given to build the road – the only access to Sickle Point should be by water.”

CAO Bill Newell reminded the board that they were dealing with a request from the ILMB for comment regarding the application.

West Bench Director Michael Brydon noted that there was  much controversy surrounding the existence of the roadway, asking the board what was true and what was not  true regarding statements given by the applicant.

“The road was built under permit, the permit has expired,” Newell advised.

The board voted in favour of Patton’s alternative motion, recommending to the ILMB that the road access to the property in question be removed  and returned to its original state. The vote carried unanimously,