Short meeting of Keremeos council

Council didn't have a lot to discuss at the June 3 regular meeting of council

The June 3 regular meeting of Keremeos council must rank among the shortest on record.

Council dealt with correspondence in the form of a letter from Lynn and Gary White of Keremeos, with an attached petition with approximately 15 names signed.

The letter contained a request to have council do something about the Pine Park washroom’s close proximity to nearby residences.

Council spent a few minutes discussing the matter. Council understood the issues surrounding the washrooms at Pine Park had been ongoing for several years, noting that $47,000 has been set aside in next year’s budget for washroom upgrades.

The letter and petition were received.

The Canadian Home Builders Association sent a letter to council advising them of Canada Post’s interest in charging a new development fee of $200 per address for community mailbox sites. Council received the letter and added a recommendation of support for the Canadian Home Builders position:

“The fee represents an unfair and unlawful additional financial burden onto the development community… we respectfully request that you not incorporate CMB (community mailbox friendly) provisions in development or servicing agreements, or the collection of fees on behalf of Canada Post. We also request that you not enter into CMB set up fee agreements with Canada Post.”

Council also dealt with a motion to receive the Chief Administrative Officer’s report regarding the Official Community Plan. The OCP is at the stage where the adoption process can begin, with a final public hearing slated for June 24, starting at 4:30 p.m. Council also gave the OCP bylaw first and second reading.

Council went into closed session shortly after 7:30 p.m.