Rural property taxes due July 4


Some of the more than 397,000 rural property owners in  British Columbia may be wondering how to pay their property taxes by the  July 4 tax deadline during a postal strike.

Despite the postal disruption, rural property owners are still  responsible for paying their property tax assessments by July 4, or  regular penalties and interest charges will apply. Applications for home  owner grants, and applications and renewals for property tax deferment,  must also be completed by this deadline.

There are several payment options available to rural property owners:

* In person at most banks and credit unions.

* In person or via courier to local Service BC Centres.

* Internet or telephone banking through most financial institutions.

Rural property owners who have not received a tax notice by mid-June  should contact their local Service BC Centre listed in the blue pages of  the telephone directory or at:

Property owners can also contact the Surveyor of Taxes office at 250 -387-0555 (toll-free through Enquiry BC at 1 800 663-7867) or by email at:

Rural property tax applies to land outside cities, towns, districts and  village boundaries in British Columbia. Information and eligibility  requirements for home owner grants, property tax deferment programs, and  detailed rural property tax information, is available online at:

Urban property owners should contact their local municipality to determine when their property taxes are due.