Rural agency stores receive discount

Minister Rich Coleman announced changes in April that will help support rural agency stores,


Minister Rich Coleman announced changes in April that will  help support rural agency stores, while continuing to build on recent revisions to the current liquor laws in British Columbia.

Building on a commitment to help rural agency stores succeed, the province has worked with the Rural Agency Store Advisory Society  (RASAS) to negotiate a discount on their liquor purchases. Effective  April 28, 2013, rural agency stores will enjoy a 12 per cent discount  on liquor purchased from the Liquor Distribution Branch. The previous  discount was 10 per cent.

This change is another step towards ensuring rural agency stores  continue to serve British Columbians throughout the province and  remain successful moving forward.

Rural agency stores allow the sale of alcohol in communities and  major tourist destination resorts in B.C. too small to warrant a  full-service liquor outlet. The criteria for establishing a rural  agency store in a tourist destination resort are:

– The proposed location is a minimum of 10 kilometres driving  distance from the nearest existing liquor store.

– A rural agency store will not be authorized within city limits or  within the municipal boundaries of an urban community.

– The resort is too small to warrant the establishment of a full  service liquor store.

– The resort must have substantial accommodation for tourists.

– There is a suitable business to accommodate a rural agency store  such as an independently owned full service general grocery store, which has been in business for at least one year, whose business is  not associated in any manner with a chain store operation.

– The community must support the establishment of a rural agency  store.