Rick Hanson relay is on its way to Keremeos

Local team for The Rick Hansen Relay is looking for your help when the relay comes to
Keremeos on May 9, 2012

On August 24, 2011, the Rick Hansen Celebration Tour, began its cross Canada Relay in Cape Speer, Newfoundland. The relay will retrace the Canadian route taken by Rick Hansen, during the Canadian segment of his World Wide, Wheels in Motion Tour, 25 years ago. The purpose of the relay is to bring accessibility awareness to communities across Canada and to celebrate the support people from communities in Canada have given over these years.

In Keremeos we are fortunate to be one of those communities that Rick came through 25 years ago and many of the people who were involved then, are working on the relay planning now.

Joe Reichert, has agreed to chair the relay planning team for the Village of Keremeos and is working with Colleen Christensen, Dawn Stein and Heather Walkus to plan a celebration of our communities commitment to inclusion and accessibility.

The Keremeos segment of the relay is in the planning stages and if you or your group would like to be involved with fundraising for the Rick Hansen Foundation for Spinal Cord Research or have ideas for the lunch hour event, the Keremeos relay planning team would like to hear from you.  The team is also looking for photos and stories around the time Rick Hansen came to town 25 years ago, and would like to gather as many as possible.  So look through those old photo albums from back then and bring them down to the Village of Keremeos or call:

250 499-5017.

All photos will be scanned and returned quickly.


The Keremeos relay planning team will be announcing more information in the months leading to the May 9, 2012 event.