RGS decision will not be revisited

Board decision brought back by chair for possible reconsideration

The regional district board wrestled once again with the recent Regional Growth Strategy decision involving a proposed development on Vaseaux Lake.

The development, which included 12 dwelling units along the shore of the lake as well as a vineyard, was presented to the board to be deemed inconsistent with the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) at a previous board meeting.

The board disagreed with the staff assessment, allowing the development to proceed through the normal approval process.

Chair Dan Ashton brought the matter back to the board for reconsideration on December 6, after Oliver rural Director Allan Patton suggested that board directors were not aware of the full content of the RGS, and that time should be allowed for them to read the document completely in order to make a fully informed decision.

A cautious approach to advancing the motion took place to ensure that rules and points of order were being followed.

If the motion to reconsider was approved, the motion would automatically come back to the table without a mover or seconder.

It turned out that the majority of directors remained unswayed by the suggestion that they lacked knowledge of the RGS, however, as the vote to reconsider fell, seven opposed to six in favour.