Reservoir vote takes place Saturday, April 27

All eligible residents are urged to get the facts and take a few minutes on Saturday, April 27 to vote on the Keremeos reservoir issue


I’d like to further clarify and correct some misinformation in the community. The 13 wells we draw the water from have always been owned by the Keremeos Irrigation District, since they were installed in 1968, not by the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen. The irrigation district and the regional district have always been total separate entities.

The regional district has however supported the reservoir project by approving a grant to the village of $300,000 to assist in the cost of the reservoir construction.

The irrigation district, due to a provincial government policy, cannot receive grant funding. For the community to take advantage of this grant to the village, the village must also do the borrowing of the additional funds required to construct the reservoir. The new reservoir is required to enable the irrigation district to continue to supply water to all the residents at all times including fire protection for today and into the future. Backup power (generators) of any type does nothing to address the current water demands of the district.

Every community has reservoir storage. This is an integral function of a water system and is not a foreign concept. As the referendum date approaches it is important that the residents become properly informed. The information that has been provided from the irrigation district and the village is factual and correct.

However, most of the other information that is being circulated in the village is not accurate.

The referendum is April 27, at the village office. Please take the time to cast your ballot.