Regional Growth Strategy Snapshot report released

The Regional Snapshot, Volume 1, 2008/2009, is now complete and ready for distribution. The Snapshot forms one part of the ongoing monitoring required as part of implementing the South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), which the RDOS Board adopted April 1,2010.

“The RDOS is committed to the vision and the principles contained in the RGS” says Dan Ashton, RDOS Board Chair, “monitoring key indicators allows us to measure our progress over the long term”. Ten indicators have been chosen to monitor, on an annual basis, whether progress is being made towards the stated objectives contained in the RGS.

The chosen indicators require the RDOS to partner with numerous agencies, other levels of government and member municipalities to obtain data, Once every five years a more complete review of all 33 indicators will be done in conjunction with new census data as it becomes available.

The Snapshot presents available data for the years 2008 and 2009. Annual fluctuations in data may be misleading from a statistical perspective. Only over the long term can the data indicate whether there has been a positive of negative shift towards greater sustainability.

The Regional Snapshot is available on the RDOS website ( and hard copies are available at the RDOS Penticton office.

For more information, please contact Evelyn Riechert, Planner at 250-492-0237.