Regional district remuneration and expenses, 2011

Keremeos, Area "D" "G" and "B"directors pay - employee wages for Regional District Okanagan Similkameen for 2011

RDOS directors and alternates pay for 2011

Note: All directors for Keremeos and Areas “D,” “G,” and “B” were newly elected as of November 19, 2011. Renumeration paid out to all previous directors was for their service from January to November 19, 2011 only, while the new directors renumeration is based on service from Nov.19 to the end of December.

Remuneration Expenses

Manfred Bauer $917 $104

Daniel Banman, Area “G” alternate $ 1,349 $100

George Bush, Area “B” $2,085 $411

Elef Christensen, Area “G” $23,753 $9,917

Walter Despot 11,347 $1,574

George Hanson, Area “B” $23,185 $1,806

Walter Makepeace, Area “B” alt., $1,917 $465

Ed Minshull, Keremeos $284 $51

Bill Schwarz, Area “D” $23,753 $1,908

Thomas Siddon, Area “D” $2,085 $31

Tom Styffe, Area “D” alternate $1,704 $38

Angelique Wood, Area “G” $2,085 $ 738


The total budget for remuneration of the regional district directors for 2011 was $379,865, with a total expense budget of $69,694.

RDOS Employees

Employees in the regional district making more than $75,000 per year totalled 11, accounting for a total budget of $960,908.

Consolidated totals of other employees with remuneration and expenses of $75,000 or less amounted to $$3,602,662.

The total budget for all employees in the RDOS was $4,563,570, with another $190,431 paid out in expenses.