Regional district board agrees to letter of concurrence

DIrectors praise Area "G" Angelique Wood for insisting on public consultation over Telus cell tower

Half a dozen Hedley residents, including former Area “G” Director Elef Christensen were present in the gallery at the regional district regular board meeting on September 5.

They were on hand  to witness the board’s decision regarding the provision of a Letter of Concurrance to Industry Canada for a Telus’ proposed cell tower in Hedley.

“I’ve appreciated the board’s support for the public input I have sought throughout this entire process,” Hedley Director (Area “G”) Angelique Wood told the board. “It’s been a difficult time dealing with industry, who have attempted to intimidate the public and the media into believing that no other options are available.

I’m also pleased to report that 174 people turned out to participate in Hedley’s first democratic vote.”

Board support for Wood’s position appeared to be unanimous, with Directors Bauer (Keremeos), Patton (rural Oliver)  and Konanz (Penticton) congratulating Wood for her perseverence.

“It’s most inappropriate for Telus to interfere in a public process, saying ‘do it our way or you won’t have a tower, period,’” said Area “D” Director Tom Siddon.

Director Konanz agreed, saying that it “was appropriate for Telus to provide a few options to the community.”

The motion – to provide a Letter of Concurrance to Industry Canada  – carried unanimously.

According to Telus sources, the Letter of Concurrance was required from the regional district during the September 5 meeting in order for  the cell tower to be included in Telus’ 2014 budget.