RDOS to work on charitable exempt landfill policy

Regional district staff to prepare an exemption policy for non-profits to promote the reduction of material entering landfills

Regional district staff have been asked to prepare an exemption policy for non-profit societies that will promote the reduction of material entering landfills.

Locally, Keremeos’ Thrift Shop, and the Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department’s annual garage sale have in the past requested tipping fee exemption for items donated to their society that went unsold or was unuseable. These organizations, and others, often receive items dropped off in the dead of night, that have no value, ending up going directly to the landfill.

Regional district staff will be looking into the issue to find out how many groups in the regional district might require exemption. They will also attempt to get an idea as to volumes generated and what the associated landfill costs would be.

The physical location of drop-offs will be analyzed in order to develop a specification with regards to site security, signage, etc. Staff also intend to work with other local governments in order to find out how other jurisdictions deal with the issue.