RDOS directors turn down director’s motion to declare regional district “GMO free”zone

Agenda lightens as election approaches. Directors ponder the implications of making the regional district GMO free



















The regional district board of directors met last Thursday, October 20 for a regular meeting.Highlights of the meeting included decisions on the following issues:

The board takes a final look at the issue of meteorological towers legislation in the region.

Bylaw No. 2562 establishes a definition of meteorological towers and permits the use of meteorological towers in the Resource Area zone. Concerns were raised regarding the allowance of towers on private property, the form and character of the towers and the potential environmental impacts of tower construction and dismantling. The board rescinded first and second readings and abandoned Bylaw No. 2562.

Bylaw No. 2572, 2011 Okanagan Falls Town Site Street Improvement and Beautification Service Establishment Bylaw abandoned

Electoral Area ‘D’ Director established a Beautification Committee and advised that they would like to establish a service for the provision of street improvement and beautification of the Okanagan Falls town site. The Board gave three readings of Bylaw No. 2572 with the intention of having a bylaw receive elector approval through the “Other Voting” (referendum) process during the November General Election. Upon further review by the Director and the Beautification Committee it was requested that the Board not proceed at this time with the establishment of the service. The Board rescinded the readings and abandoned the bylaw.

Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Property Exemption Bylaw exempts Similkameen properties

The board is empowered by the Community Charter and Local Government Act to exempt certain lands and improvements that it deems desirable and expedient to exempt specific properties from property taxation. The board reviewed and adopted the list of 2012 property tax exempt properties.

Properties in the Similkameen that are exempt include the Keremeos – Cawston Sportsmen Association, Hedley Sports Association and Keremeos Elks Lodge.

In Okanagan Falls, the OK Falls Heritage and Museum Society and the Okanagan Falls United Church were also given exemptions.

Director’s motion moves to make RDOS a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Free Zone

Director Patton, Electoral Area ‘C’ brought forward a motion to designate the RDOS as a GMO free zone and that a moratorium be placed on any uncontained GMO research in the Regional District. A GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. The motion was defeated by the RDOS Board after some debate.It was suggested that the Board hear more about the risks and values of GMO’s at some time in the future.