Questions answered but still wondering about the reservoir

The referendum will cost the village taxpayers $5,000, or more, to administer

  • Apr. 23, 2013 5:00 a.m.

To the Editor:

Cost of reservoir 1.3 million, or more, depending on, cost overruns, unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, etc. Extra costs to village taxpayers. (Yes)

The referendum will cost the village taxpayers $5,000, or more, to administer. Extra cost to the village taxpayer.  (Yes)

Residents who have lived in the village for 30 days, who are not property owners in the village, are allowed to vote on borrowing money over 30 years. The resident with no property in the village can leave tomorrow, and have nothing to lose. Property owners in the village can’t just up and leave that easily, and would still be left paying down a 30 year, 1.3 million dollar debt. Maybe by letting non – property owning residents have a vote, the village council and the Keremeos Irrigation District, see a reservoir in the future.   Extra cost to the village property owners.    (Yes)

I asked this question, but couldn’t get an answer. If Interior Health mandates  chlorination to the village/ K.I.D. water system ,how much more is it going to cost,both financially and health wise.   Extra costs to K.I.D. ratepayers. (Yes)

A final question that I asked and received an answer to, from the village chief administrative officer, is how are we (the village property owners and residents)going to re-pay the $955,582.50 over 30 years, if, there is suppose to be, no increase in my taxes or water rates? Apparently there is money set aside for the repayment of the debt by the K.I.D. That’s a interesting statement, because if this is the case, why are we borrowing money if we already have the money set aside for a reservoir.                                                                                                                                            Unlike the reservoir project, I hope I will receive good, common sense answers to the other taxpayer funded projects that are on the horizon.

A new fire hall, a new fire truck, a new wastewater treatment plant, expansion of the wastewater system, etc. because like the Village of Keremeos Mayor Bauer said, “you must make an informed decision.” That’s tough to do, when the information keeps changing to achieve the overall objective, by those in control.  Make your vote count.  Vote.

Robert Thurston, Keremeos