Public input sought for invasive species plan

Following on a commitment to crack down on invasive species, B.C. government has released policy intentions for public comment.


A paper summarizing the B.C. government’s policy intention to amend the  Controlled Alien Species Regulation has been released, and the public are  invited to share their feedback until Oct. 24. The proposed amendments  will help prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species that  present a significant risk to B.C.’s fish and wildlife resources. Main  measures include:

* Significantly reducing the possibility of high-risk aquatic species –  including the snakehead fish – becoming established in local waters, by  prohibiting the possession, breeding, release or transportation of these  species.

* Combating the introduction of dangerous organisms such as the zebra and  quagga mussels that ‘hitchhike’ on boats, by requiring that no invasive  mussel, alive or dead, be present on boats or related equipment.

Other changes being recommended include:

* Adding definitions for “accredited zoo or aquarium,” “certified  education institution” and “certified research institution” to create  clarity on standards, and allow exemptions to apply for strict educational  or scientific purposes.


* Clarifying which species of monitor lizard are prohibited; typically those that grow over two metres in length or that otherwise create a  significant threat to public safety.