The Tulameen River, getting close to the top of the bank in Allison flats.

Princeton’s Brown Bridge closed due to flood risk

Heavy rainfall, snow melt and ground water contributing to potential crisis

Princeton’s Brown Bridge, which crosses the Tulameen River, is closed effective 8:40 p.m. Sunday Nov. 14, due to flood risk.

Mayor Spencer Coyne said the water level has reached approximately five feet below the bridge decking.

Coyne stepped out of a meeting with the municipality’s emergency management team to speak with the Spotlight, putting out a call for all residents to stay away from the Tulameen and Similkameen Rivers, and creeks.

The emergency is due to heavy rains and snow melt, he said.

Two specific areas of concern are centered in the Allison Flats area, and public works employees have been dispatched.

“Use common sense,” said Coyne. “We don’t need anyone falling into the water right now.”

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