Proposed townhouses for the former Kampe estate will be considered by council on May 3. (City of Penticton)

Proposed townhouses for the former Kampe estate will be considered by council on May 3. (City of Penticton)

Penticton’s Kampe estate proposal goes to public hearing June 20

The 700 residential units at North Wiltse Block is also going to the public on Monday

The redevelopment of the former Kampe estate on Penticton’s Green Avenue will be one of two major public hearings taking place on Monday, June 20.

An 84-unit strata townhouse development has been proposed for the property.

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It will be a mix of 44 two-bedroom units and 40 three-bedroom units split across 10 buildings, which will require both a zoning and Official Community Plan bylaw amendment.

The proposal is about half the size of what was first brought forward for the property in 2021, by a different developer.

This current development has the eight buildings along the edge of the property at two-storeys in height, with the two in the middle at three-storeys with a ground floor garage.

In comparison, the rejected 2021 proposal would have seen two six-storey apartment buildings placed on the property.

The public hearing on June 20 also comes after a month-long public engagement process by the city.

The results of the hearing and the public engagement process will be presented before council on June 21 for a decision as to whether the project will be allowed to proceed.

Also going to a public hearing on June 20 following the Green Avenue proposal will be the North Wiltse Block, which is proposing close to 700 new residential units to Penticton.

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Information about both projects can be found ahead of the public hearings on

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