The City of Penticton as seen from West Bench on Saturday morning, July 31. (Brennan Phillips - Western News)

The City of Penticton as seen from West Bench on Saturday morning, July 31. (Brennan Phillips - Western News)

Penticton wants people to stay safe over hot and smoky BC Day long weekend

The city also notes that COVID-19 remains active in surrounding communities

The City of Penticton is calling on residents and tourists to stay safe over the B.C. Day long weekend.

With provincial heat warnings and heavy smoke in the air due to the nearby wildfires, the community is being asked to follow the recommendations from the BC Centre for Disease Control when spending time outside.

Those recommendations include:

  • Protecting yourself from the sun by staying in the shade, avoiding direct sun mid-day, wearing a hat and protective clothing, using sunscreen, and wearing UV-protective eyewear.
  • Seeking cooler, breezier areas when outdoors, such as large parks near to water with lots of trees.
  • Staying hydrated – drink water regularly, even more than you think you need.
  • Taking it slow with outdoor activities – rest and relax often if you feel fatigued.
  • Avoiding crowded spaces and maintain a 2-meter distance from others as much as possible.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in a parked car. Temperatures can rise rapidly in enclosed vehicles, becoming much hotter than the outdoor temperature.

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Residents with respiratory challenges that are susceptible to smoky conditions are encouraged to remain indoors as much as possible and refer to the air quality advisories available on the BC Government website.

In addition to the ongoing heat and smoke concerns, the City of Penticton also reminds people that COVID-19 remains an active concern.

Masks continue to be recommended for all people over the age of 12 who have not been fully vaccinated, and anyone who is not feeling well is asked to stay home and avoid visiting local businesses.

The City also asks that residents continue to be respectful and careful in their interactions as physical distancing and occupational limits are relaxed.

For additional information on protecting yourself and others in extreme heat, as well as health tips for handling wildfire smoke, please refer to the Province of British Columbia’s HealthLink BC website at

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