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Penticton man with over 40 convictions granted bail

The 45-year-old will be electronically monitored

A Penticton man with a lengthy criminal history was given a conditional interim release for charges of stolen property, trespassing, mischief and several counts of breaching his release orders.

Matthew Cory Toker, 45, was in Penticton Provincial Court via video from jail on Wednesday. Crown sought bail with strict release conditions including electronic monitoring and house arrest.

If he fails to abide by his bail conditions, he will be put back in jail.

It was noted that none of his crimes are violent and most of them are property-related.

On June 14, 2021, RCMP are called to a burning smell coming from a bike storage locker at a Front Street apartment complex.

The lock had been cut and three bikes worth a total of $12,000 were stolen. Police reviewed video surveillance and identified Toker as the thief.

The next day, Revenue Canada calls RCMP to remove a man sleeping at their door. Police identify the man as Toker, wearing the same clothes as seen in video footage from the stolen bikes the night before. He was found with meth, a pocket knife, grinder and garage opener from the apartment.

He was then released on a curfew.

On July 29, RCMP did a curfew check on Toker and observed two bikes that appeared to be stolen. Toker claimed they were his bikes, and they were later confirmed as stolen. Another time, he broke his curfew.

In August, at 5 a.m. a business owner reports damage to a store on Main Street and damage to a vehicle. Toker was seen on video running down the alley and RCMP later found him in a match to the footage.

On Aug. 18, a man was riding through yards and rummaging through items. Following an investigation, the RCMP found Toker with an Allen tool kit and illicit drugs.

The Crown noted that Toker has 20 property convictions and 19 convictions for breaching bail or release conditions.

He is currently addicted to opioids and has been doing drugs since around 17-years-old. Crown said he has tried treatment but didn’t stay. Since in jail he has switched to methadone.

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