(Phil McLachlan - Western News File)

(Phil McLachlan - Western News File)

Penticton council makes emission cuts a priority, sets new long-term targets

All-electric Zamboni and zero-emission vehicles will be implemented immediately

A new climate action plan has tasked the City of Penticton with making emission cuts a crucial part of its daily operations.

Council passed the Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan on May 17, which sets new long-term targets on emission cuts while immediately implementing the use of an all-electric Zamboni and e-bikes for bylaw officers.

“We all need to do our part to ensure we protect our environment and are doing the necessary work to translate plans into action,” said acting mayor Judy Sentes.

The updated targets call for an emission cut of 100 per cent by 2050, and a reduction of 15 per cent below 2009 levels by 2035.

The city adopted a Community Climate Action Plan in 2021. According to council, though, the plan set broad environmental goals as opposed to specific ones that could make an immediate difference in Penticton.

“There are some projects which the community will see immediately, like the cargo e-bikes, electric and zero-emission vehicles and another all-electric Zamboni,” said David Kassian, the city’s community sustainability coordinator. “Others, like a retrofit for the Community Centre, are scheduled for the short-term and will reduce emissions in a significant way.”

Kassian said the new environment plan is broken up into five categories; new buildings, existing buildings, renewable energy, transportation, enabling action and corporate leadership.

Approving the plan will be instrumental in applying and successfully receiving provincial and federal grants, city staff added.

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