Organic Farming Institute hires new program administrator

The Organic Farming Institute of British Columbia has named Denise Blashko as its’ new Program Administrator


The Organic Farming Institute of British Columbia has named Denise Blashko as its’ new Program Administrator.

Ms. Blashko will be in charge of marketing the Institute’s first rate training program to local BC farmers as well as Canadian and International Farmers. She will be responsible for fundraising, sponsorship and building long term viability for the non-profit society. Ms. Blashko has worked for organizations such as Central Alberta Economic Partnership, Central Alberta Rural Manufacturers Association, as well as Red Deer College in Red Deer, Alberta. She brings with her a passion for small business coaching and training, and for organic and sustainable farming.

The OFIBC Chair, Kevin Klippenstein feels that “more farmers are researching sustainability and there are larger numbers of people wanting to know where their food comes from and this is translating into existing farmers wanting to learn more about organic methods and an increased desire for young people to get back into farming. Ms. Blashko’s marketing and business training knowledge will help the Institute to capitalize on these trends and help increase awareness of our training programs and move the Institute to the next level. We are fortunate and thankful to have received fantastic project funding from SIBAC (Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition) and SIDIT (Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust), which will allow us to continue working towards achieving our goals.”

The Organic Farming Institute of British Columbia is a charitable organization which began as a local, grassroots initiative and has grown to province-wide proportions. Organic and sustainable agricultural principles have a long history in the Similkameen Valley and they have the highest concentration (40 per cent) of organic farms in Canada. The OFIBC is a direct result of farmers and residents in this area wanting to establish a centre for excellence in organic, sustainable farming and research that would utilize the storehouse of expertise and knowledge in the organic farming community.