Open House to discuss “Keeping Nature in Our Future”

The RDOS is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, March 6 from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Victory Hall to discuss a new regional biodiversity strategy


The RDOS is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, March 6 from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Keremeos Victory Hall  to discuss a new regional biodiversity strategy. The strategy provides practical planning tools that can be used by local governments, planning committees and residents to protect the natural heritage of the Similkameen and South Okanagan.

“Keeping Nature in Our Future” is the title of the strategy developed by the South Okanagan-Similkameen Conservation Program (SOSCP) in partnership with the Regional District.  Using up-to-date scientific information, the strategy includes maps and a range of practical, user-friendly planning and development tools to strengthen biodiversity conservation. It provides detailed information both at the regional and local levels. The Keremeos Open House will include information for the Village of Keremeos and Electoral Areas “B” and “G”.

Municipal staff can use the strategy in community and land use planning, development approvals, zoning and by-laws, water protection, transportation, and parks planning. It would also be useful to Advisory Planning Councils for updating Official Community Plans and helping inform responses to development applications.

Bryn White, SOSCP Manager will be at the Open House along with RDOS planner Malcolm McNaughton.  Bryn reviewed the purpose behind the Open House, “I see “Keeping Nature in Our Future” as a solid resource that offers a range of practical, user-friendly planning and decision making tools to strengthen nature conservation and protect community values.  RDOS and local governments are well positioned to implement the strategy  the SOSCP is able to help local government staff and decision makers  get to know the resources in the strategy and how to use them. We’ll work with communities to find ways to implement the opportunities for conservation outlined in the strategy.”

People who attend the Open House will be invited to ask questions, review the maps and key findings, and comment about which natural areas and actions they care most about. There will be an opportunity to provide written feedback, either on March 6 in person, by mailing in comments, or by email to Copies of “Keeping Nature in Our Future” will be available at the Open House or can be viewed at

Village of Keremeos council members as well as Area “B” and “G” elected officials and Advisory Planning Committee members will hear a presentation on the biodiversity strategy at an evening meeting.