Okanagan Similkameen Regional Hospital Board update

Electrical upgrades to Similkameen Health Centre nearly complete

Judy Sentes was elected, by acclamation, vice chair of the Okanagan Similkameen Regional Hospital Board at the August 15 regular hospital board meeting.

Regional District Okanagan Similkameen Chief Administrative Officer Bill Newell updated the board on the progress of capital projects for 2013. In the Similkameen, a $290,000 electrical upgrade of the Similkameen Health Centre is nearly complete.

Newell also noted that contractors had been selected for the Penticton Regional Hospital Patient Care Tower business plan study.

The companies selected to provide consulting services are:

· Architectural services:  IBI Group

· Electrical services and IMIT services:   Genivar Inc.

·  Mechanical services:  Genivar Inc.


The hospital board also approved a recommendation endorsing the Patient Care Tower project by requesting letters of support from all RDOS member municipalities, electoral areas and Indian bands within the OSRHD.

The board also discussed the desire to have the business case study completed earlier, rather than later in 2014.


Some discussion took place as to how the remaining funding for the regional district’s share of the hospital project would be acquired, whether the remaining financing would come from reserves or future debt.


CAO Newell noted that the discussion would be one for budget talks. He further noted that the regional district currently raises five million dollars each year for health funding, but two to three million of that is required for capital budget expenditures.