New regulation to protect sensitive alpine areas

Use of ATV’s prohibited at higher elevations in B.C.

Sensitive alpine areas in the Okanagan Region will benefit  from more protection starting July 1, when a new regulation under the  Wildlife Act comes into effect prohibiting the use of motor vehicles  above 1,700 metres, except on existing roads and trails.

The new regulation, known as the Okanagan alpine motor vehicle  prohibition, excludes snowmobiles and applies to 11 per cent, or  3,265 square kilometres, of the Okanagan’s alpine areas not already  protected under other legislation.

The Okanagan’s alpine areas are used frequently by off-road  enthusiasts. The regulation will protect sensitive natural areas from  the negative impacts caused by off-road vehicles.

Localized elevation-based motor vehicle prohibitions are currently in  place in portions of the Thompson, Kootenay, Cariboo, Skeena, Omineca  and Peace regions and have proven to be effective in protecting  alpine ecosystems.

The regulation received support from stakeholders including the BC  Wildlife Federation, the Guide Outfitters Association of BC, the BC  Trappers Association, the BC Cattlemen’s Association and BC Parks.

The regulation can be viewed online through the 2012-2014 Hunting and  Trapping Regulations Synopsis at: