New chief elected to Lower Similkameen Indian Band

New chief is experienced in administrative and council

Newly elected chief of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band

Newly elected chief of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band



The Lower Similkameen Indian Band elected a new chief on Monday, November 4.

Keith Crow was sworn in along with newly elected councillor Eliza Terbasket at a ceremony at the LSIB office held on Tuesday, November 5. The chief’s position and one councillor’s position was up for election this year, with a two way race for chief and three candidates for councillor.

Crow defeated incumbent chief Rob Edwards by a margin of 110- 51, with one  vote spoiled. One hundred and sixty-two band members turned out to vote, believed to be one of the strongest turnouts in recent years.

Eliza Terbasket was elected with 87 votes, followed by Frank Qualtier with 40, Theresa Snow (33). Two votes were spoiled and one rejected.

Crow takes on the chief’s position with previous experience on the band council. He has been involved in housing with the band and has also served as an accountant.

“I’ve got some fine details to work out,” he said, noting that there would be a transition period with former chief Rob Edwards.


“Thanks everyone for voting – I think this was one of the best turnouts in a long time,” Crow told a large gathering at Tuesday’s swearing in ceremony.

“I hope I know what I’m getting into,” he laughed. “I know it’s going to be a tough four years,” he added, noting that there were a number of changes occurring in band personnel.


“I  plan to lead with my heart, and to keep my integrity,” he told the gathering.

Eliza Terbasket also thanked band members for their participation in the election, noting that “People care about what’s going on.”

Terbasket said that she was awake all night following the election as she contemplated the job ahead.

“I feel good, and I look forward to the next four years,” she said. “I’m good at giving and receiving feedback.”