Motorists urged to slow down, use caution in construction zone due to rock conditions

Highway 3A improvements at Yellow Lake continue as crews advance the construction zone west along the rocky shoreline of Yellow Lake.

“Motorists are advised to use caution when travelling in the construction zone, whether crews are working or not,” advised project spokesman Dylan Christensen. He noted that the rock encountered was highly variable in nature, some of it being very loose and broken while in other areas it was more stable and difficult to work.

A 60 kilometre speed zone will be posted for both day and night driving through the zone, and motorists should be on the lookout for rock on the road at all times.

The schedule for completion of the project remains unchanged, with work winding down towards the end of July. Once the rock work is done, complete resurfacing of the road bed will be done and both sides of the road will be lined with concrete barriers. A large catchment ditch will  also be placed to prevent any future rock from sloughing onto the highway.

Road closures remain unchanged, with ten minute openings on the hour and half hour, and a one hour closure between 10 and 11 a.m.

Motorists should also be advised that road closures are sometimes delayed due to blasting episodes that result sometime in unsafe rock conditions on or near the road surface, conditions that  require further work before the road can be reopened.