Morning Start: Lobsters taste with their feet

Your morning start for Aug. 24

Good morning and a happy Tuesday to you!

Cooler temperatures will stay on for today and the rest of the week, with highs of mid-20s. The lower temperatures are helping with fires, with the BC Wildfire Service saying that the major fires in the Interior haven’t had significant growth thanks to it being cooler.

Fun fact: lobsters taste with their feet

Did you know that lobsters taste with their feet? Lobsters have the human equivalent of taste buds in their pincers. These ‘taste buds’ are small hairs that identify what kind of food it is and what it tastes like.

Lobsters also chew with their stomach. It turns out their teeth are in one of its three stomachs, which helps grind the food down. That sure is handy, given that lobsters turn on each other and eat their own kind when there’s no other food around.

Here’s a peek at the weather

In Kelowna:


In Penticton:


In Vernon:


In Salmon Arm:


In Revelstoke:


In case you missed it: Okanagan Lake drawdown could be cause for thousands of dead salmon eggs

When Okanagan Lake was drained in the spring to avoid flooding, it may have left thousands of unhatched Kokanee eggs and fry out of water.

The drawdown could undermine three decades of recovery efforts of local Kokanee populations, according to the B.C. Wildlife Federation.

Here’s what’s trending on TikTok:

Behold, skater dog!


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