Nk’Mip Creek Wildfire, July 26.

Nk’Mip Creek Wildfire, July 26.

More evacuation orders rescinded for Nk’Mip Creek wildfire

The blaze remains at an estimated 16,005 hectares

More evacuation orders have been rescinded from the Nk’Mip wildfire on Thursday. The evacuation order for 63 properties in the Nk’Mip Creek area of Electoral Area C is being rescinded.

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) issued the evacuation order on July 19, due to the growing Nk’Mip Creek wildfire.

However, due to the continued threat of fire and the potential to expand back into this area, the RDOS is keeping the 63 properties on an evacuation alert.

The Nk’Mip Creek wildfire remains at 16,005 hectares after a more accurate size was determined on Monday.

Winds are expected to pick up to 20 km/hr this afternoon increasing to 30 km/hr. However, despite warm dry contains with minimal relative humidity, temperatures are forecast for the high 20s to low 30s for Tuesday.


On Monday, the evacuation orders for Area 27 south to include the east side of Nk’Mip Road to the Spirit Ridge area were downgraded to alerts.

The area includes addresses on Area 27 Drive, Nk’Mip Road, Spud Allen Road.

An evacuation order is still in effect for Manuels Canyon Road to include the western portion of McKinney Road starting at 2035 McKinney to Gallagher Ranch area, said the OIB Emergency Operations Centre.

According to BC Wildfire Service, properties near Mt. Baldy are being continually assessed and prepared for structural protection.

After two long weeks, 223 residents in the Anarchist Mountain area got to go home Tuesday night when evacuation orders were rescinded on Tuesday.

Those 223 properties within the Nk’Mip Creek area of Electoral Area A were downgraded to an evacuation alert.

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For those on an evacuation alert, it will mean being prepared to evacuate the property immediately.

The RDOS stated that residents will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to evacuations, but may receive limited notice due to changing conditions.

Overnight, an initial attack crew conducted operations along McKinney Road to ensure the fire did not move downslope.

On Tuesday, BC Wildfire had water skimming aircrafts on scene to support ground operations on the north flank and help reduce fire behaviour while ground crews work on the northwest corner of the fire. There will be 145 firefighters working the blaze alongside six helicopters and 48 pieces of heavy equipment.

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