Migrant workers reverse cross border shopping trend

Workers in need of extra suitcases with which to return to Mexico

Preparations are underway for a Thanksgiving dinner for all the migrant workers from Mexico in the Similkameen.

At this time, organizers are in need of some donated suitcases.

It seems that the Mexican workers in our region practice “cross border shopping” – in a  way that benefits local business for a change.

The Mexican farm labourers arrive in the spring  with their belongings in a small bag, but since they are allowed to take some things back to their country, they tend to accumulate a few items prior to their return to Mexico at the end of the growing season.

If you have a suitcase suitable for donaton, please call Sandy  Diaz – Hart at:

250 499 9564.


She can make arrangements to pick up your suitcases, or have them  delivered to Cheers  church on Main Street, Penticton during Spanish classes.