Men rally against domestic abuse

  • Mar. 29, 2011 4:00 p.m.

To All Lower Similkameen Men:    We are “Men Together”.  There are over eighty of us, ranging in age from 16 to 78. We are making a difference. During the month of April*, our goal is to triple our membership, to make an even stronger impact.

If you live or work in the Lower Similkameen and are age 16 or older, we invite you to join us.  Together we are speaking out to Stop Domestic Abuse in our communities.  Together we acknowledge that since men are the perpetrators in over 90 per cent of in-home violence, this is primarily a male problem, to be addressed most effectively by men.  Together we understand that in-home violence is often rooted in long-standing and unchallenged cultural beliefs and attitudes of male superiority, and the right to male dominance over women and children. Together we affirm the value and equality of all persons, regardless of age or gender.  Together we encourage ourselves and all men to honest self-examination as to how our own attitudes, words, and actions might inadvertently condone sexism and violence, and work to change them.  Together we encourage and support each other:

(1) to mentor and teach young boys – and especially our own children or brothers – about how to be men in ways that respect and do not involve degrading or abusing girls and women.

(2) to speak to anyone we know who is disrespectful or abusive to his spouse or children, urging him to change his behavior and to seek help to do so.

(3) to offer gentle support to anyone we know or suspect is being abused or has been sexually assaulted, encouraging them to seek counseling and to consider reporting the abuse to authorities.

Join us now!  It’s the right thing to do, it makes a difference, and it’s easy.  Each of us has signed a pledge, and has given permission for our name to be listed as a member of “Men Together”.  That’s all it takes.  Here’s the pledge:  “I pledge never to commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women and children.”  Write it out, sign it, include your local address or contact information, and return it to us at any of these locations:  Village of Keremeos Office – 702 4th Street, Lower Similkameen Community Services – 310 Veterans Avenue, RCMP Victim Services – 2920 Hwy 3,  or mail it to LSCSS/Men Together, 720 Third Street, Keremeos  BC  V0x 1N3.  Or call Victim Services at 250-499-5511 and ask us to mail a brochure and membership form to you.  Remember our Motto:  “WANTED!  A FEW (hundred) GOOD MEN!”    * April 10-16 is National Victims of Crime Awareness Week.  April 17-23 is Prevention of Violence Against Women Week.  April 24-30 is BC Victims of Crime Awareness Week.  It’s time.

-Ron Shonk, RCMP Victim Services Coordinator


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