Marty Menzies running for Keremeos mayor’s position

Municipality of Keremeos: Menzies, Marty - Mayor Candidate Menzies taking a run at Keremeos mayor's position

  • Sep. 29, 2014 10:00 a.m.
Marty Menzies is running for Keremeos mayor in the November municipal election

Marty Menzies is running for Keremeos mayor in the November municipal election

My name is Marty Menzies and I would be proud to become your new mayor.

I’m an approachable guy who prefers jeans and a T-shirt to a suit and tie. I believe that if you have a  problem fix it when it’s small. Don’t sit around and talk about what to do unitl it becomes big and much more costly to deal with. Our new council  needs to be proactive and take back control that it gave up over the last term. We must make positive things happen rather than reacting to a situation or waiting for something to happen.

I have been listening to your concerns and I will continue to listen to your problems because your problems are my problems. The taxpayers that live in the Village of Keremeos should feel they can provide input on a regular basis, not just at referendums, that are often ignored, or on voting day. I’ll make it easier to give your input to the village, the councillor and the mayor on any matter.  I’m listening to you and I will continue to listen to you. That is my promise to you.

For a healthy community we need to know exactly where we are going. It’s more than just a three or five year plan; it’s a mindset, a set vision for the future we can all embrace. We don’t have that now. I have had decades of experience running my own businesses, working in and with municipalities, irrigation districts and also in the public and private sector. The most important thing I possess is a large dose of common sense.  A bad idea is still a bad idea, even wrapped with a big red bow.

It’s time for a positive change of direction for Keremeos. We need to start that change with a change of attitude at the top, but a change of attitude does not mean some grandiose scheme or increased taxes or lowered service. To me it means being fiscally responsible, vigilant and using our resources in a positive way for the taxpayer.

My platform covers transients and camping, bylaw enforcement, village downtown core, policing, listening to the public’s input, improved signage, a tourist strategy, making our village business friendly, improving the public image, infrastructure improvements with a long term plan for replacement and repair.

Probably the one thing that bothers me most about Keremeos is the image we project to others. We all take pride in our own yards; we can all see it when we drive around. WHy does the downtown core not reflect that same community  value and pride?  We can do it with a little money and some spit and polish. People coming to our small town should want to stop and look around, not drive on through.  Keremeos should be the jewel in our little desert, not just another rock along the road. A place we are proud to call home and a place to turn over to our children and our grandchildren, so they too will be proud of Keremeos when we are long gone.

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