Keremeos water talk

Keremeos Irrigation District discusses the reservoir project and chlorination


One of the most posed questions in the Keremeos reservoir debate has been “Will the construction of this reservoir mean the water will be chlorinated?” The simple answer is No; the construction of the reservoir will not trigger chlorination of the water. The district has no plans to chlorinate the new reservoir or any other part of the system. However as we have previously stated chlorination is under the jurisdiction of the Interior Health Authority. The following letter has recently been received which confirms their support for the project and their position on chlorination.

Re: New Drinking Water Reservoir for District of Keremeos Water Users

This letter is in response to your questions provided on March 18, 2013 through e-mail correspondence regarding the new reservoir proposed for the Keremeos Irrigation District water system. I understand this reservoir is required to address system demands and fire protection requirements.

1) Does the Interior Health Authority support this project?

Yes. This major infrastructure investment is a significant benefit to the citizens of Keremeos

2) Will the construction of this new reservoir require the installation of chlorine treatment?

No. Maintaining a disinfectant residual throughout a water supply system’s storage and  distribution supports safe operations and is a better practice; however, it is not a prescriptive requirement under the BC Drinking Water Protection Act.

Interior Health is committed to working with water suppliers and strives to ensure that safe drinking water is provided to all users. This proposed project will elevate the integrity of the water system and help address current infrastructure and operational concerns.

Please submit any questions or comments to the Keremeos Irrigation District office located at 712-6th avenue phone (250) 499-5651 or e-mail

The referendum is April 27 – please come out to cast your ballot on this important initiative.