Keremeos RCMP lay assault charges

Two assaults last week result in arrest of youth offenders.



Two separate incidents of assault resulted in the arrest of two Keremeos youths last week.

On October 17, an elderly gentleman was cycling near Seventh Avenue in the vicinity of the pickers campground  when two youths appeared. The man disembarked, only to have the youths accost him and ask him if he wanted to buy a laptop. When he indicated that he had no interest, the youths pushed him down an embankment. He suffered several cuts and bruises but no life threatening injuries.

The second incident occurred on Friday, October 21, when two youth knocked on the door of a home located at the 600  block of Third Street. The youths asked the homeowner if he knew a particular individual, then pepper sprayed the man.

Police determined that the same two youths were involved in both incidents and made two arrests over the weekend. Two Keremeos youths, who cannot be named, are facing a variety of charges pending a court appearance on Tuesday. The 15 year old could see charges of assault causing bodily harm, breaking and entering (stemming from a third incident), assault with a weapon, and uttering threats, while the 17 year old faces an assault charge.