Keremeos police report further vandalism

Vandals damage motor homes in recent senseless acts in Keremeos

This RV fell victim to a random act of vandalism in Keremeos last week.

This RV fell victim to a random act of vandalism in Keremeos last week.

The Ambry Storage facility on Veteran’s way was victim to a break in last week. A trailer was broken into and internal damage done, reported Corporal Martin Trudeau of the Keremeos RCMP.

Another RV parked on Veterans way was also damaged by vandals who spray painted it in and out, causing extensive damage.

“It is very unfortunate that some people would have such a lack of respect for other people’s property.

Many community members are expressing their disgust for this kind of behavior,  which some associate to the increase of transient people  traveling through town during the summer months,” Trudeau said.

“Whether transient people are responsible for this or not, it is the behavior of only a few people which gives a bad name and a bad reputation to everyone else and we (the police) know from dealing with transients and seasonal farm workers that most are good and respectful.”

Trudeau also h ad a message for those responsible for recent acts of vandalism in the community.

“This type of behaviour is nothing more than a show of disrespect towards the community that these people either live in or have come to work in –  maybe  it’s time for their friends to report this type of behavior to the police so that not everyone gets painted with the same brush.”


Anyone with information regarding these or any other acts of vandalism in the community should contact the Keremeos RCMP at 250-499-5511, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-337-8477.