Human settlement policies highlight discussion of regional growth strategy

Regional district board discussion over RGS policy


The regional district board discussed the human settlement policies aspect of their sub-regional growth strategy at the Nov. 3 board meeting.

The discussion allowed staff to further their understanding of the board’s philosophy and goals with respect to population growth in the regional district.

From the outset, it was stressed that the meeting was “not about tinkering” with the RGS. Neither the board nor staff have any plans to amend the bylaw at this time.

The discussion for the most part centred around such items as the definition of “infill,” as it applies to the RGS and the idea that exceptions to the bylaw may come before the board, and be acceptable to them.

“It’s a good thing that we can make changes  – not everything fits into a cookie cutter template,” observed Area “B” Director George Hanson.

“We are trying to reduce urban sprawl,” noted Area “D” Director Bill Schwarz. “If we can’t make exceptions, then the board wouldn’t be needed.”

The board concluded the discussion by generally agreeing that their was some opportunity within the RGS for consideration of small subdivisions “with idiosyncracies.”