Hedley’s huglebeet project continues to see great volunteer effort

The Huglebeet was successful last week, with seven folks contributing to the build and one young audience member

  • Sep. 4, 2012 6:00 a.m.
Huglebeet voumteers clean up the project area.

Huglebeet voumteers clean up the project area.


The Huglebeet was successful last week, with seven folks contributing to the build and one young audience member and the dog she was babysitting…

Special guest included Michael Day, son of Bill Day, who works for Whistler and whose job includes the “greening” of the resort.  We are very lucky in Hedley to have had the additional help, thanks for that.

Mike Hayes was in charge and did a great job. Mike pointed out at our last “build” that we needed to focus on the back of the hugelbeet, so his suggestion was heeded and he was the one to make it happen.

When hugelbuilders arrived two weeks ago, they found the sprinkler which Lynn Wells has lent us was wetting down the pile, a strategy suggested by Russ at the last build.  He had observed that the large-scale wetting down by the fire department disrupts the pile, and he felt we could accomplish the same thing with a sprinkler left on for longer periods.  Voila!  Bill Day donated a length of hose which can be added to the two which Angelique had already donated.

Bill Day, Michael Day, Andy English, Cherie Rupprecht, Russ Stoney, Lynn Wells and their granddaughter Mikaela Day and Toby stopped by to visit.

Last week’s work marked the day on which all material in the “sort area” was placed on the Hugelbeet and we have a clean area. Thank you all who worked so hard.

Unfortunately, Russ pulled his back out, which is going to mean that his house painting project is going to suffer.  This is too bad.

Cherie took lots of photos of the group’s progress, (the one on the right included).

Go team! This work is an awesome example of how a number of people working together can create something much bigger  than themselves. Great work.

Apologies to those who worked so hard last week, I, Angelique am in Little Shuswap, about an hour northeast of Kamloops at a Strategic Planning session for the Southern Interior Local Government Association.  This group works hard to bring the issues which matter to our local,  rural areas to the forefront of attention of the decision makers in Victoria by acting as a unified voice for its membership.

Plans are coming together for a Hugelcelebration which will include food, an educational session, and a painting party/ art activity for kids this October.  We’ll keep you posted.