Group focuses on losing weight sensibly


Photo  above shows the KOPS group: Back Row: Dianne Clifton

Photo above shows the KOPS group: Back Row: Dianne Clifton

Tops means Take Off Pounds Sensibly.  They put their focus not on a diet itself, but on how much food they put on their plate.  “Eating sensibly, that’s the main thing, and diets don’t seem to really fit that.”  The foods encouraged in TOPS really are like a diabetic diet.  With the focus on low-calorie and low-fat foods, fruits and vegetables and portion control is the key.  They encourage exercise and to drink your water.

TOPS are a national organization and operate as a nonprofit organization.  Founder Esther C. Manz, who wanted to put together a dieting group that thrived on mutual encouragement, the organization started in 1948, in her basement in Michigan.

We have continued this dream that Esther had and strive to make this a lifestyle change.

Our group, B.C.#4179 meets once a week on Friday, at 8 a.m. to weigh in, with the meeting starting prompt at 9 a.m. till 10 a.m., at the Similkameen Health Center in the meeting room.  Members weigh in privately and a meeting is held that discusses exercise, goals met and motivation.

Everyone comes in to lose some weight, whatever it may be.  It may be 10 pounds it may be 100 pounds…  We’re there to support and help each other.

Once the initial weight is lost, the member now becomes a KOPS, which stands for Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.

These KOPS serve as the supporting individuals for the rest in the group who have to lose the weight their health professional has discussed with them to achieve.

To join TOPS, the cost is $30 for national dues and a $5 monthly due.

The local dues help pay for any awards the chapter gives out, rent, etc.

Everybody is welcome.  If you want to become a new member you can just show up to a meeting and talk to the chapter leader, Georgina McBeth, or phone her at (250) 499-0202 or the co-leader Dianne Clifton, at (250) 499-5180.