Fourth quarter police stats down, but calls up for the year

There was a three per cent decrease in call volumes to the Keremeos RCMP detachment in the last quarter of 2012 compared to 2011

There was a three per cent decrease in call volumes to the Keremeos RCMP detachment in the last quarter of 2012, compared with the same time a year ago.

The Keremeos RCMP responded to 366 calls in the last quarter of 2012, compared to 376 in the last quarter of 2011.

Calls for the year, however, are up from 2011, with 1567 calls in 2012 against 1446 calls in 2011 – an increase of eight per cent.

Crime was down in general in 2012, with business break and enters seeing the steepest decline. Other B and E’s saw declines this year, as did cause disturbance complaints. Sex offences were up from two to five in 2012.

There were 10 founded drug cases in the fourth quarter, including seven no case drug seizures and three ongoing CDSA invstigations for drug trafficking and marihuana grow operations.


Impaired Driving

Eleven one day immediate roadside suspensions were issued in the fourth  quarter, while one three day IRP and 1- 24 hour suspension was given for drug use. Sixteen school enforcement checks were also conducted by Keremeos RCMP.


Community Engagement

Detachment members have a visible presence in the community, conducting foot patrols in the downtown area on a regular basis engaging with local residents and businesses. In November, members participated in the Remembrance Day ceremonies and enjoyed the opportunity to lead the “Christmas Light Up” parade in December. The Area Commander is working towards the development of a Community Consultative Group. Keremeos RCMP Detachment engages regularly with the Lower Similkameen Indian Band and Council.

Keremeos has an active Citizen on Patrol program which conducts regular weekend patrols and forwards any pertinent information to the detachment members for follow up. Their dedication is appreciated by the members and by the Area Commander.

The Restorative Justice (RJ) program has not yet launched in Keremeos, and facilitation for RJ files continue to be provided by the regional coordinator. al Development and Housing.

Prolific and Nuisance Offenders

The Penticton South Okanagan Similkameen Regional Detachment is committed to fostering an inter‐agency approach when focusing on prolific and priority offenders within the detachment boundaries. Relationships with partner agencies have been instrumental in the identification of high‐risk individuals and the timely dissemination of critical information such as warrants, address changes, conditions and other compliance measures. RCMP also liaises with other detachments across the province to ensure that warrants are executed in the event that an offender has relocated outside of the detachment area. The Keremeos detachment maintains a prolific offender file listing all offenders with conditions. Curfew checks are expected and conducted on a regular basis, and crime analyst reports are used to target high crime areas.

Chronic Nuisance Offenders

There are currently 0 individuals in the Keremeos RCMP detachment area who match the criteria for chronic nuisance offender.


Keremeos Detachment has developed initial partnerships in support of a CPEC program and anticipates implementation this school year. CPEC (Community Prevention Education Continuum) program is designed as a sustainable community‐led, police‐assisted, comprehensive youth drug prevention strategy. It is a continuum of prevention education, building protective factors and encompassing youth from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. The CPEC is a flexible crime prevention strategy developed to address drug issues and meet the needs of individual communities. It is designed as a supportive network whereby each individual, initiative, program, organization or business is important and connected with each other in support of healthy youth. Contact has begun with local businesses and has been very well received. The DARE program continues as a cornerstone of CPEC and is being delivered to schools in the Keremeos detachment catchment area.

Both schools have designated School Liaison Officers in place. The detachment maintains regular contact with Youth Probation and is aware of youth in the community who may be on conditions. The detachment performs regular curfew checks on the youth to ensure compliance.

Crime Stoppersvi

Crime Stoppers received two tips relating to events in Keremeos and area during the fourth quarter of 2012. In total, 15 tips were received by Crime Stoppers relating to criminal activity in Keremeos in 2012.