Fortis outlines pipeline project to RDOS committee

Kingsvale - Oliver pipeline project results in testy exchange with RDOS director

At least two regional directors took exception to comments made by Fortis representative Bob Gibney, who addressed the Environment and Infrastructure Committee at the regional district on Mar.15.

Gibney was there to speak to the committee about Fortis’ planned gas pipeline twinning between Kingsvale and Oliver.


He told the board that B.C. had “lots of gas all of a sudden” due to use of fracking technology.

Both Area “C” Director Allan Patton and Area “D” Director Tom Siddon took exception to the controversial practice of fracking, noting coalbed methane concerns in the Similkameen.


It was suggested by Siddon that Fortis practice more sensitive public relations, especially in light of the recent controversy the company endured over construction of a new hydro transmisssion line along the east side of the Okanagan valley between Oliver and Penticton in 2010.

A testy exchange between Siddon and Gibney ensued after Gibney referred to the transmission line issue  as in the past, to which Siddon responded that  wasn’t the case, and he would see it moved before the issue could be considered over.