Former Penticton mayor Andrew Jakubeit is running for city council in the 2022 municipal election. (Contributed)

Former Penticton mayor Andrew Jakubeit is running for city council in the 2022 municipal election. (Contributed)

Civic Election 2022

Former mayor wants return to Penticton politics

Andrew Jakubeit seeking a seat at city council

Former mayor and 10-year city council veteran Andrew Jakubeit wants a return to Penticton politics as a city councillor.

Jakubeit served as Penticton mayor from 2014 to 2018.

He lost to John Vassilaki in the 2018 municipal election.

“The only negative thing I’ve publicly stated about this current council is that up until the by-election there was one member on council under the age of 60 which doesn’t reflect or represent those who are living in our community,” said Jakubeit in a release.

“If we are to return Penticton to being a vibrant and safe community, we are going to need some fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and some experienced leadership to make things happen.”

“I’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly which has been a humbling; rewarding and learning experience. I would love the opportunity to serve the community again,” said Jakubeit.

“There have been several decisions this council made that I don’t agree with; which is why I put my name forth again.”

Some of the key issues for Jakubeit revolve around building a safe, vibrant community and fiscal responsibility.

On his website,, he talks about the need to incarcerate those who are suffering from mental health and addictions that have had multiple interactions with protective and health services.

He also wants to have tighter reigns on spending including the cost to bring Ironman back to Penticton.

“Ironman is a wonderful event and did bring some excitement and people for its return this past August; however $650,000 per year for 1,500 athletes is more than we can afford,” said Jakubeit on his website. “Especially when events such as the Gran Fondo Penticton had 3,000 athletes and only cost the city $40,000.”

The last day to file nomination papers is Friday, Sept. 9.

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