Don’t forget about daylight savings time this weekend

Daylight saving time is almost upon us and after this rough winter, chances are it will be both appreciated and anticipated


Daylight saving time  is almost upon us and after this rough winter,  chances are  it will be both appreciated and anticipated.

Turn your clocks ahead this Saturday night before retiring for the evening, as daylight savings time occurs this year on  March 10,  when at approximately 2 a.m. clocks should  switch to 3 a.m. and the world will become a brighter (or at least, sunnier) place by the next evening.

That’s the case for most of North America, where daylight saving time always takes place the second Sunday in March. In places like Bulgaria, for instance, or the UK and Europe, the switch doesn’t happen until March 31.

If you’re heading north or east in Canada, however, be on guard for the nation’s daylight savings time holdouts. The province of Saskatchewan (except for the town of Lloydminster and surrounding areas) and Dawson Creek in British Columbia do not observe the clock  advancing ritual.