Director’s motion regarding smart meters splits board

Public outcry over smart meters prompts action by Oliver rural director


A director’s motion regarding smart meters was presented to the regional district board at the October 18 regular meeting.

Area “C” Director Allan Patton presented a motion to the board “to write Fortis and relevant provincial ministers to ask for a moratorium on the instalation of smart meters in British Columbia until an “opt-out” option is made available to jurisdictions.”

Exception was taken to the preamble to the motion, which included suggestions that the wireless meters could be hazardous to health.

Director Patton noted that “lots of passionate people were taking a stand against smart meters”, not wishing to get caught up in the technical debate over the issue.

“There are lots of questions out there regarding this – that’s why I brought it up,” he said.

Penticton Director Gary Litke also agreed that the board shouldn’t be getting into arguments about health issues, noting as well that people see the issue as significant.

Area “F” Director (West Bench) Michael Brydon observed that the issue wasn’t the board’s responsibility.

“Why are we doing this?” he asked.

Osoyoos Director Stu Wells suggested the motion be condensed down.

“We shouldn’t be dealing with the preamble,” he said.

The board ultimately chose to pass the motion, voting 9-8 in favour.