Curbside pickup changes in July include new collection dates for Kaleden

  • May. 17, 2011 10:00 a.m.

Changes to curbside pickup service will be coming in July when a new contract begins between the regional district and BFI Canada.

Yard waste collection on an annual basis will rise from six to nine pick ups per year, while glass pick up will  no longer take place at curbside.

There will be no changes to pick up days in Areas “G”,  “B”, or the Village of Keremeos, but all of  Area “D” will see a shift in collection day from Monday to Wednesday.

Major changes to RDOS Curbside Program (more info below):

– Kraft paper bags and reusable containers for Yard Waste.

– Container glass no longer collected after July 1, 2011.

– Starting July 4, Naramata, Falconridge, the Green Mountain Road area and Carmi collections will switch to Fridays. Kaleden, Lakeshore Highlands and Heritage Hills collections will be on Wednesdays.

– Area “E” Residents (Naramata, Falconridge) are now asked to place out garbage after 5 a.m. on their day of collection or use a bear proof container or enclosure.

Yard Waste Collections Now More Environmentally Friendly RDOS residents can now use reusable containers, such as clean garbage cans, or compostable kraft yard waste paper bags to place out yard waste on designated yard waste collection weeks.

– Yard waste can still be placed out in clear plastic bags or bundled branches in all RDOS rural areas and the Village of Keremeos.

– Some municipalities such as Penticton, Oliver and Osoyoos are phasing out plastic bags. Rural RDOS residents can continue using clear plastic bags.

– Reusable containers do not require extra packaging. Paper bags can be composted which reduces waste. Plastic yard waste bags go in the garbage.

– If you purchase reusable containers for yard waste, avoid garbage cans with internal lips. The lips make pouring out yard waste much harder.

Starting July 1 Glass No Longer Collected – Bring to Local Depot

Starting July 1, curbside collection of glass will stop. Instead free local container glass depots will be established at all landfills and some select local businesses. Some reasons:

– The last glass recycler in the interior of BC closed down several years ago.

– Glass can be difficult to recycle. One porcelain cup can contaminate a dump truck of glass.

– Broken glass shards contaminate other recyclables (like paper) and can cut workers.

– Glass must be collected separately from blue bag recycling; increasing collection costs.

The RDOS is one of the last jurisdictions still collecting glass in BC. Container glass is used at local landfills as aggregate. The RDOS encourages people to use free local glass depots.

Does Glass Get Recycled at Local Bottle Depots?

Yes. Bottle depots hand sort glass beverage bottles, removing contaminates. They recycle 100 per cent of the glass. Always bring glass beverage containers to bottle depots or place of purchase.

-RDOS press release