Cross Canada cycle trip is a family affair

Byron Ayres and his family are bicycling across Canada to raise funds and awareness for mental health

Byron Ayres

Byron Ayres

Byron Ayers, along with wife Marina Bakker-Ayres and daughters Jessica, 24, and Luschia made their way through the Similkameen last Tuesday, June 5 on a bicycle tour across Canada.

The family began their journey on Saturday in Nanaimo, making a rain soaked crossing of Allison Pass early last week.

The family, equipped with a Budget Rent a Car sponsored cube van that is following in support, is riding across the country to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Mental Health Association and Free the Children campaign.

Marina suffered from a devastating mental health issue that almost took her life and has been in recovery for five years.

“She’s doing amazingly well,” Byron said, “we’ve had so much help along the way (to her recovery), we want to give some back.”

The family will be cycling across B.C. via Highway 3 and expect to arrive in Halifax prior to August 6. They have a website dedicated to the journey:


in addition to being on Facebook and Twitter.

Donations to the cause can be made via their website.