Controversy continues over Hedley cell tower proposal

Statements by Telus officials seem to contradict company's present stance on issue

Controversy continues to swirl in Hedley over the proposed siting of a Telus cellular tower.

A number of Hedley residents have recently signed a petition urging regional district endorsement of a Telus proposal to erect a monopole in the centre of town, criticizing Hedley Director Angelique Wood for her insistance that Telus consider other possible locations for the tower.

A recent news story by CHBC reporter Eric Szeto added to the controversy last week when his news clip included Telus Media Relations representative Shawn Hall’s comments regarding Telus’ plans to study alternative locations. In the telephone interview, Hall insisted that Telus was not moving ahead with any plans for cellular service in the community.

However, that communication appears to directly contradict a May 23 telephone conversation between Director Wood and Telus Customer Solutions  General Manager Steve Jenkins, who told Woods that Telus had reviewed the Hedley issue and would have a field assessment done towards the latter part of the last week of May.

He further told Wood that an original assessment with respect to co-locating on a nearby China Creek tower didn’t meet Telus’ specs for structural and architectural capabilities, however, the field assessment would look at it and other alternatives.


Neither Steve Jenkins or Shawn Hall were available for comment at presstime.