Colleen Christensen director candidate priority profile

Colleen Christensen is running for the RDOS Area "B" director's position

  • Nov. 16, 2011 5:00 a.m.

Colleen Christensen, RDOS director candidate for Area “B”

1. What are the top three priorities for your area, as you see it, that you will need to address as regional district director in the next three years?

The top three priorities for my area are;

– The completion of the Official Community Plan in a timely manner, then present it to the public for consideration .  After full public consultation it will be  voted on by means of a survey .      This would alleviate the need for a $10,000.00 referendum, and  still have community approval.  An  Official Community Plan is important because without  this direction we    have no vision, no goals and no future.

– The economic stability of our community.  Support for our #1 industry agriculture  in the form of strong  leadership to address  issues like the Farm Workers  campground  and the closing of Workzone on March 31st.     Promote tourism especially agri-tourism and  create a climate so that future economic diversity can be achieved  to insure jobs for our children and future citizens.

–  The wise use of our tax dollars, considering the budget carefully to ensure that funds are available    for     the programs that we are committed to and any surplus used to  financially help with our community organizations.

2. The regional district currently spends $12,000 on food and beverages provided to board directors during their 28 meetings per year. Regional bylaws allow for up to $40 per director to be spent on food / beverages per each meeting.

In view of the tight economic times, and noting that the private sector has undergone similar reductions, would you be willing to entertain a recommendation to regional district staff to look at reducing this budget item in 2012 as your collective contibution to reducing the burden on taxpayers?

If elected I will  encourage this $12,000 line item    be considered  very carefully    with a goal of  reducing the amount.  I know the value of money and the importance of careful use  of our tax dollars in the most efficient manner.

3. What is the most important factor  – your main reason – in your decision to run for area director?

The main reason that I have decided  to run for Area  B Director  is  to give back to the community and  use my skills to provide strong    leadership that is based on listening to you, communicating with you  and challenging  all of us to work together  for  the common good of all.