Citizens work to clean up Hedley dump sites

Hedley residents organize themselves in an effort to clean up their community

  • Jan. 3, 2012 2:00 p.m.
A pile of refuse

A pile of refuse


During 2011, a concerned and pro-active group of Hedley residents worked together with RDOS to not only clean-up natural areas around the village but to also educate about the illegal wilderness dumping issue.

The hope for 2012 is that this massive effort to save our environment does not have to be replicated. This year the following items were  removed from around the Hedley area: 11 mattresses; one couch; 15-20 bags of household garbage; six benches covered in vinyl; three waste bags of shop garbage; four huge garden waste piles; 125 tires; seven vehicle hoods and six household appliances. (This list represents a a mimimum of what was actually picked up).

At popular dump sites in the area, RDOS signs have been posted warning against illegal dumping. In addition, the website was created to educate, provide updates on clean-up activities and dumps, and to provide a space for dialogue. The RDOS is currently distributing a newsletter to Hedley residents on the subject and this can already be accessed on that website in the News & Dialogue section. The RDOS has long had a page dedicated to illegal dumping on the their own website at:



– Lydia Sawicki